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With the completion of their latest single Absence Without Leave, AMM is back in the studio with their next song which explores more modular-based sounds. The band is currently in talks for a full length release in winter 2017.

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new single > 11.20.17

A Million Machines has just announced the release of their new single Absence Without Leave, their most melodic effort to date. This outing reintroduces their brand of brooding, romantic music only hinted with their previous singles Dilemma and Undivided. At the helm is the band's composer MIG who lays the foundation of analog modular synths around the gushing vocals of Fate Fatal. With a focus to create this otherwise abrazen love song, they have created a brutally honest one.


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Million machines poster in LALa land

Promotional artwork for A Million Machines showed up on the set of the Oscar winning movie LALA Land.

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live in Portugal - con!tro!lo

Thanks to our friends at Con!tro!lo in Portugal for featuring our single Ulteraflesh. Started in November 2007, Con!tro!lo it's a weekly net radio show/podcast that features electronic music genres like Dark-Electro, EBM, Futurepop. It can be listened to HERE



A Million Machines is an American electronic band with producer/multi -instrumentalist MIG (The New Room) and vocalist Fate Fatal (The Deep Eynde/Kittens For Christian). Fusing low-res electronic noise, A Million Machines crosses all electronic genres including synthpop, dance, electronica and industrial.




Vocals / Fate Fatal
Keyboard - Engineer / MIG





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tour 2018



2018 nov5        Toronto          Drake Underground     Canada

2018 nov6        Montreal         Fairmont Theatre      Canada

2018 nov11       Reykjavik        Paloma                Iceland

2018 nov13       London           Hope and Anchor       UK

2018 nov14       Edinburgh        The Liquid Room       UK

2018 nov19       Oslo             Parkteatret           Norway

2018 nov20       Stockholm        Trädgården            Sweden

2018 nov21       Amsterdam        Bitterzoet            Netherlands

2018 nov25       Paris            tba                   France

2018 nov26       Segrate          Circolo Magnolia      Italy

2018 nov27       Zürich           Halle 622             Switzerland

2018 nov28       Berlin           tba                   Germany

2018 dec1        Warsaw           Proxima               Poland

2018 dec2        Moscow           tba                   Russia



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